B20- 21 Grand Prix Attack and other Anti-Sicilians

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Herewith a collection of recent chess games, available for download, played with the Grand Prix Attack and some other less common Anti - Sicilians, whose main goal is the surprise effect.

  • 2.f4 (Grand Prix Attack): White is looking for a king side attack but Black can vigorously reply with 2...d5, sacrificing the pawn after 3.exd5 Nf6 in order to achieve a good initiative; 

  • 2.g3 e 2.d3 often leads to the King's Indian Attack, that is a reversal King's Indian;

  • 2.b4 (Wing Gambit), a gambit that is able to create difficulty to Black only if he is not enough prepared; 

  • 2.a3, an apparently not so worrying move sponsored however by the book "Challenging the Sicilian with 2.a3"

  • 2.b3, a positional line, that is strategically sound;

  • 2.Na3, an odd move that aims to control the c4 and b5 squares;

  • 2.Ne2 is the so called Chamaleon line, mainly used with transposition purposes (3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4) in order to avoid some Black's variations;

  • 2.c4, is an offer to enter the Symmetrical English.


B20- 21 Grand Prix Attack and other Anti-Sicilians

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