B01 Scandinavian Defence

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With 1...d5 Black hits out at the e4 pawn, limiting White’s choice because 2.exd5 is almost forced (the only decent alternative is 2.Nc3 transposing to the Dunst opening) but, in order to recapture the d5-pawn, after 2...Qxd5, he has to commit moving his Queen more than once in the opening, in contrast with one of the cardinal sins of opening theory.  However, in spite of the time lost with the Queen, Black has freed the problematic light squared bishop and above all can rely on good counter attacking chances (by the way that's why the Scandinavian is also known as the "Center Counter Defence"). 

Alternatively Black can play 2...Nf6, in gambit style.  As taking the pawn is very risky, White generally prefers to develop quietly and to establish a pawn center aiming to mantain a slight opening advantage.  In such case Black has to first restrain and then pressure the center, preparing the c5 or e5 pawn break.

Here you can download a collection of recent chess games played with the Scandinavian defence.



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