C70-99 Ruy Lopez (with 3...a6 4.Ba4)

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The Ruy Lopez is White's best option against 1...e5.  This game collection includes those variations in which is played 3...a6 4. Ba4.  The main variation is 4...Nf6; 5.00 Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 d6; 8.c3 00  but there are a lot of alternatives for both colors, for instance:  

4...d6  (Modern Steinitz) is an improvement of the Classical Steinitz (3...d6) as Black has the additional option to get rid of the pin on the Knight in c6 (playing b7-b5 at a proper time);

4...Nf6; 5.d3 (Anderssen) defends the e4 pawn with the idea strenghten the center with c3 and to wait for the right moment either to launch an attack versus the Black's King or to play d3-d4;

4...Nf6; 5.Qe2 (Worral) defends the e4 pawn with the idea to develop the Rook in d1 to prepare the d4 push;

4...Nf6; 5.00 Nxe4 (Open Ruy Lopez) leads to active piece play with unbalanced pawn structures;  

4...Nf6; 5.00 Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 00; 8.c3 d5 (Marshall Gambit) is a typical open game gambit, requiring good tactical capabilities from the players.



Ruy Lopez (with 3...a6 4.Ba4)

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