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A collection of recent chess games, available for download in pgn or cbv (ChessBase) format, played with the Caro Kann defence.

The Caro Kann defence is a solid way to defend against 1.e4.  With 1...c6 Black prepares the d5 pawn just as it happens in the French defence.  Here the plus is that the light Bishop is not closed by Black's pawn chain and the minus is that the thematic pawn break in c5 will cost two tempi (c7-c6 and c6-c5).

In the main line (2.d4 d5; 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4)White achieves a certain spactial advantage but Black position is very solid.

Alternatively White can choose the Exchange variation (3.cxd5 cxd5) that both after 4.Bd3 and 4.c4 (Panov Attack) leads to a complex game, with some analogy to the Queen's Pawn Openings.  As a matter of fact some lines of the Panov Attack can transpose to the Nimzoindian, Semi Tarrasch or even Grunfeld defence.

Worth mentioning among the other lines:  3.e5 and the close variation, in which White avoid to move his pawn to d4 in the early stage of the opening.


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