A60-79 Modern Benoni

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Modern Benoni is a typical example of hypermodern chess theory: White is allowed to occupy the center with pawns, while Black creates a lot of pressure on it with his pieces. After 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6 e6 4.Nc3 exd5 5.cxd5  the advanced White's d5 pawn is opposed to Black's pawn chain d6-c5.   Black then develops his King Bishop in fianchetto in order to dominate the long open diagonal a1-h8. Both colors' strategy has to take into account the fact that White has an extra pawn in the center while Black has a pawn majority in the queenside: White's activity will then focus in the center and on the kingside, while Black will organize his counter-play in the queenside.


Modern Benoni

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