A30-39 Symmetrical English (1...c5)

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The Symmetrical English is a reliable response to 1...c4 that, in spite of its drawish reputation, can originate complex and interesting lines.  As a matter of fact it constitutes a large and important area of chess opening theory that is not so easy to handle because tricky transpositions are frequent and move order is critical.   The strategic issue of such opening is related to the timing chosen by White to push in d4.  

Among the variations of the Symmetrical English it's worthwhile to mention the Botvinnik (Black plays symmetrically and blocks the center with the e5 push), the Hedgehog (Black develops by b7-b6, e7-e6, Bc8-b7, and Bf8-e7), the Double Fianchetto (Black develops both bishops in fianchetto) and the Early d4 system (Black plays d2-d4 at once).


Symmetrical English 

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