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The Bishop's Opening has ideas in common with the King's Gambit and the Vienna Game: by playing 2.Bc4, White attacks the weakness of Black's f7 square and retains the possibility to push his pawn to f4, an option that disappears when White plays the most common 2.Nf3. 

Black can contrast such plan with 2...Nf6, putting pressure on the e4  Pawn and on the d5 square. If White tries to defend both squares with 3.Nc3 then Black has the option to reply aggresively with Nxe4!?.  If White defends the e4 Pawn with the solid 3.d3, 
the game is balanced and both colours will  maneuver in order  to occupy the center. Such kind of maneuvers are similar to the ones  of the Ruy Lopez and the Gioco Piano.  However in comparison with these two openings, the Bishop's Opening has been less studied and has less theoretical variations.

Black has other options at move two: 2...Bc5, 2...Nc6 and also 2...c6.  Anyway variations transposition are quite frequent.  There is also the possibility that adopting the Bishop's Opening play later transpose to other openings such as the King's Gambit, the Vienna Game, the Two Knights Defence and the Gioco Piano.


Bishop's Opening

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