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My favourite links

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The reference for everything handheld.It's not called Museum for nothing! Got questions? Rik's your man! Great forum!

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Superbe site with a fantastic layout! Jaro is much more than a collector! Read his book on handhelds and you'll know what I am talking about! Fantastic!!

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Bellissima comunita' italiana di appassionati collezionisti di giochi vintage, forum e mercatino completano il sito. Iscriversi č un "must".

The reference for everything G&W with tons of informations, curiosities and a section on G&W fakes! If you collect G&W handhelds this is your final stop!

Great site run by my spanish friend hiparco, an avid and passionate collector.

Beautiful site ! From Mike with tons of picture and a great collection.

Another great spanish site run by Tomās. He's a big collector and has a big section of games for sale. Check it out!

Fantastic site about handheld simulators! You can download every game! By Luca .Enjoy!!

From one of the biggest collectors worldwide comes this great online shop. Lot's of pictures from his personal collection too!

Great site run by Julien a big french collector.Specialized in Bandai and Nintendo.

Console Passion

The site contains a great deal of information about retrogaming, advice on collecting & caring of collections and much more.

Site run by Steve,a big collector and now a great artist. Lot's of infos,history and photographs.

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