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  • NEW !!!!! JUST IN !!!!! - 1 December 2009 - Added a rare Quelle (Good Play) Europa Cup and a new Quelle page, added a Sega Table Stadium Baseball and a new Sega page, added a beautiful mint NOS Onko Super Space Jack, a Grip Lend Joyful Game, a Grip Lend Drive Game, a Tomy The Baseball, a Tomy Digital Diamond (Japanese box), an Epoch Baseball Game Best 9, a Tomy Hit and Missile (Japanese box), a Gakken Baseball 9, a Casio Baseball Game BB-9 and a huge Tomy Stadium Baseball.


My name is
Alessandro Romano' and I'm a vintage handheld games collector from Italy. You might have encountered me on eBay with the nickname of "tanatron". I'm collecting handheld games going from the first LED based ones of the mid-late '70s to the beautiful VFDs (vacuum fluorescent display) of the first '80s. The only LCD exceptions are for my beloved baseball games (I really love this game!) and for those lcd games that for various reasons deserve to be a part of my collection :

639 games

of which :

610 boxed and 29 loose

I hope you'll enjoy !

The COMPLETE Tomy 3D games Series

I finally made it! I completed one of the most sought after game series : the Tomy 3D games Series! The series is made of beautifully shaped binocular like games, some of them even feature stereo sounds. Definitively cool! Even cooler are the box artworks especially the japanese ones. Check them out!

Cleaning and preserving the games: my notes from the field

Well my friends Iíve come to a point in which ,as the Microsoft Vista tv ad, I turn back and say.... WOW!It has been a hell of a rush if you consider that in September 2006 I had NO games in my hands, and now Iíve got 600 of them, the great majority of which boxed and complete.... more

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Baseball.....I love this game!

Baseball is a fascinating sport. It's a sport of contradictions It's a team sport but at the end it all gets down to the individual duel between the pitcher and the batter; it's relaxing but at the same time it can become suddenly heart stopping, it's impredictable but at the same time you can play it through statistics.... more


If you are looking for a game you might want to try to find it here or if you want to take a tour of the games in my collection organized by manufacturers names, you better start from "The Games" page here.



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