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24 C.D. Clementina Perone Bari
24 C.D. Clementina Perone is a Primary School in Bari, a city on the Adriatic Sea (South Italy). Our school has 972 pupils aged 3 - 10 year. We have interest to join you in linking with us via email, video conferencing or snail mail or possibly joining us as a partner as part of a comenius project . There's a computer laboratory in our school with 20 personal computer (WinXP), one modem ADSL, one scanner, two ink printers. Software: Microsoft Office with Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel; Open Office.
Contact us:
Primary School name:
24 CD Clementina Perone
Via Brigata Regina 27, 70123 Bari
From 6 to 10
Language(s): English
Subject area(s): all

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