EasyGen v1.42, 30 August 2002.

» Wolf ET - updated templates (7 Dec 2003)
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The terrain in the editor.

You give the shape using several modifiers, define the textures you are going to apply by adding palette indexes to the alphamap and directly paint the alphamap over the terrain mesh.
The terrain in Quake3.

You load the terrain generated map in Radiant and if you have choosen boxing it and adding an info_player_start then you can compile it immediately to have a fast preview in Quake3.

I only say that it took me about 10 minutes to see that terrain in Quake3 since I started to build it from within EasyGen.

The following people helped me a lot improving EasyGen (in a.o.): djbob, Hubas, LordSquart, Kevin, RKone, snickelfritz, ZeroLogic.

» Video Tutorials (! Warning, they are in german. Btw you see the moves and it makes all clear.

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» Other Tutorials

EasyGen can be adapted to work with games that are currently not supported to work with. The following tutorials will teach you how to do so: If you find more, please let me know.

» Very Frequently Asked Questions (VFAQ)
  • « I have no textures to use with EasyGen. Where can I find them and how can I use them? »
  • Place your textures under "<your_game>/ <your_game_mod>/ textures/ <your_map_name>_terrain/". You can find free textures over the internet (jpg, tga files) or you could extract them from pk3 files of your preferred game with WinZip. After doing that, you must use the command from the menù "Textures>Add Folder..."
  • « What names should I use in the export map dialog? »
  • Save your work (File>Save). Supply an unique name. EasyGen will use the name you give to the terrain to fill the fields in the export map dialog. Btw, you are free to modify them.
  • « I can't see any textures applied over the terrain from the Radiant 3D view, what am I doing wrong? »
  • EasyGen can show textures blending togheter over the terrain mesh but, at the moment (august 2003), Radiant cannot. You can see textures in EasyGen and, hopefully, in game.
  • « The compiler gave me a lots of errors!
    "WARNING: missing image for shader map/terrain_0"
    "WARNING: missing image for shader map/terrain_1"
    "WARNING: missing image for shader map/terrain_2" ... »
  • They are not errors, they are warnings. Thery are never the cause of a terrain that doesn't work, so you can safely ignore them!
  • « I can't see any textures applied over the terrain in game, I get the hologrid :( How can I solve this? »
  • Always use a number power of 2 (256, ...) for the width and height of a single division.
  • Have you modified the keys of the terrain entity? Or moved/deleted/renamed the alphamap and/or the metashader? If you have done so, re-export the terrain or fix the keys of the terrain entity manually.
  • Assign an unique name to your terrain. The name of your terrain is the name you supply when you choose File>Save.
  • Still doesn't work? Try moving out custom pk3 from the game mod folder.
  • Still doesn't work? Nobody told you that mapping was easy ;)

» Last but not least

I spent a lot of time to make EasyGen. If you find it useful and since I'm poor :) please consider making a donation using the PayPal banner on the top, thanks.