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The substantial difference between Marionnettes and Puppets is evidenced mainly from the fact that the Puppets wood head with a central hole and without legs maneuvered from the low by the puppeter that put the index finger in the head and with various techniques the other fingers in the two hands.
This allows maximum mobility of the puppet that can take and manipulate objects beyond  to move quickly through the scene. 

Sometimes some puppets, that recite mostly seated on the front of the theatre, has also the legs and in this case the second hand of the puppeter slips the fingers in each leg in order to obtain funny movements. 

The Marionnettes to the contrary are puppet complete of arms and legs of variable height between 20 and 80 centimeters. Mobility is obtained by means of a series of wires fixed to the several joints of the puppet that finish to one cruise of wood maneuvered from the puppeters.They work on a bridge on the top of the theatre and by means of the traction of the wires obtains the movements. These wires can be from a minimum of three (head and two arms) to a maximum of nine (beyond the head and two arms) the feet, the articulations of Knees and the back and an eventual object maneuvered in one hand. 

Does not exist one school  or rules, every puppeter  try to invent the  equipping of puppets in order to obtain the most different effects. Baciccia della Radiccia as example has the jaw mobile and therefore one of the two fingers in the head can maneuver the jaw simulating the movement of the mouth when  speaking  



In this drawing you can see different tecnique of manoevring puppets



In this drawing a marionnettes with seven string


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