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La Principessa Cieca
Comedy in two Acts and one final scene by Mario Magonio
( Reconstruction from recovered notes )


Personages :
Baciccia della Radiccia
Barudda friend of Baciccia
The DuKe of Gorgonzola father of The Princess Lisetta
The Princess Lisetta
The Wizard Merlino
The Witch Malerba
The Devil Belzebu
Tommy the black servant
The Brigand Falamocca
The Little Monkey 

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ACTION 1 - Scene 1

Scene : External Castleo Castello - Daylight
Lateral scene with a House and a Tavern
Music : Mazurca di Migliavacca

Open the courtain on an empty scene
Merlino Wizard In this Country all seems to be calm... but watching the stars from the top of my tower I have seen that Mars, the God of the War, turning around Neptune, the God of the Sea, has not greeted him with due deference... indeed they hit each others with phrases not really respectful. Neptune offended made to raise high the waves of the sea and the ships had to refuge in the nearest ports, while a gale blew from North towards South making to dance mountains as they were whithered leaves. Here did not reach nothing of those ire celestial angers but if Mars and Neptune will not make the peace the Witches will enjoy of this situation and will try to make a lot of evil on this earth to the good men.
In this country live a good King who has a beautifulst and sweetest daughter the Princess Lisetta and just over her the wicked Witches will be fierced... this I have read in stars... but I will not allow that this happens and with the aid of a very good and generous man I will protect this Princess!

exit from the scene
Malerba Witch Eh…... Eh... everybody are sleeping... all people in this Country is happy... but I am the Malerba Witch worse then the bad grass and this I cannot tolerate... I enjoy only  if the evil reigns and when people suffer, I must excogitate something of bad... let me see in my magic crystal ball... here is! I see... I see... a young princess who is happy and dance in a bloomed garden... I will punished her... I will hit her with a wichcraft that will render her a blind princess... so she will not be able to see the colors of the flowers... therefore she will not sing again..... Yes this is what I want!
Little Monkey squit....! squit... coco...coco !
Malerba Witch I will tie the force of this witchcraft to the life of this little monkey asking aid to my friend the devil... and as long as this little monkey will live the princess, the beautiful Lisetta, will remain blind... Help me Belzebù!
Devil Have you called  me Malerba, my beloved friend?
Malerba Witch Yes… my great friend Belzebù... I must made of the evil... and I must do immediately... help me to tie a wichcraft  to this little monkey so that Princess Lisetta becomes blind... Ah..Ah... Ah..!
Devil  Well! Then today we will amuse... we will make a curse…go  ahead...!
The lights are lowered - central red light - lightning bolts and thunders accompany the Witch and the Devil that dance around to the monkey singing


Malerba Witch

Hallo… hallo… Belzebù give me all the magic forces of your grandmother and your aunt aaa..eee.... iiii... oooo... uuuu... Hallo Hallo Belzebù... a..e…i..o..u.. Hallo  Belzebù!
Sing as an Indian War dance and repeat many times with great lightning bolt and final thunder when the monkey howling run away
Malerba Witch Go…go…damned monkey! escape in the forest and conserve your life and your secret... ah..ah... my friend the Brigante Falamocca will protect you! …come Belzebù before the aim of the day we have many other bad actions to complete…
they exit from the scene - the light returns normal
Baciccia enter from left with his stick
Bim Bum Bam... trallalalarero trallalalà... Barudda come here... where are you?
cross the scene and exit to right
Barudda entering in scene from right
Ba..Ba..Baciccia... where are you ? .... I am here !
cross the scene and exit to left
Baciccia enter from left
Barudda where are you? .... look if I must finish mad for him...!
exit to left
Barudda Ba..Ba...Baciccia where are you ?
cross the scene and exit to right
Baciccia enter and stop in scene waiting
Barudda stupid man... where are you ?
Barudda enter in scene
Ba..Ba...Baciccia ooh at last you are here...!
receive one beaten
Ahi! ahi! why you beat me?
Baciccia beating him again
this is nothing for you, stupid...stop here...! 
Barudda continue stamming
Ba..Ba..Ba..Baciccia did you know ? ... it happens a Di... Di...
Baciccia What?... You have drunk the D.D.T ?
Barudda one di..di...disgrace !
Baciccia And what kind of misfortune has happened ?
Barudda A Pi...Pi...Pi...!
Baciccia You made water over you ?
Barudda  the Princess has become bli...blind!
Baciccia Oh .. I am really sorry for her... she is so fine... she is so good.... with her sky-blue dress look like a candy!
Barudda Dont...dont..dont joke on her ... it is really a great disgrace!
Baciccia Oh yes i agree ! ... that means she has to buy a pair of glasses ...she will be Lisetta four eyes... 
But What I see there... there are a lot of children.. Hallo.. haw are you people?....CI am Baciccia della Radiccia and you who are? why you dont speak with me? have losen the tongue? may be it has been eaten by a cat...
Baciccia encourages the children to speak with him
Baciccia ... I believe that it must have been just a large malignant the one which have invented the school... am I true? ...what is the reason why we have to stay everyday in a dark school classroom with an old teacher that never is satisfied of us....
( imitating a woman  voice )
 be quiet
!... must study more !....the copy-book is not in order!...there are two ink stains!..
(back to normal voice)
 ...shut up! are a donkey Teacher... look your ears!
And what mind to us to study….. we are not interested to know that Andrea Doria has founded the Sampdoria foot ball team that always win against the Genoa foot ball team... that Columbus has taken three ships going to discover the America, as he did not know that for going in America he must to take the airplane... what silly man!  And then… they say that Garibaldi has gone to drink at Marsala with thousands soldiers... goodness what a big drunkenness... and after they went at Teano to meet the King... it is true!… 
Barudda is true !
Baciccia ....and then we hate the moltiplications... two for two is equal four.. three for three is equal nine... four for four... who know..?
Children say the result

You… compliments…you can pass to the superior class with a great vote… bravo! and from tomorrow everybody in vacation for six months!... But who I see there just between you? Children but that one is.....
Baciccia develops a short comic scene joking on a personage in the theatre with tricks and jokes 

Now I am thirsty... come Barudda we go to the tavern to drink a good glass of wine... 
They exit singing
Bim bum ba... stockfish and potatoes… bim bum ba….tripes and beans!
The Duke Oh my great God... why you have permitted that my preferred daughter ...the princess Lisetta became blind... take in care mine people, the pain is so strong that I could not support.. I go to throw myself in the flood river...  
Baciccia Stop... from this side is not permitted to pass…
The Duke Who are daring to stop me?
Baciccia I am Baciccia... and I do not allow to nobody to kill himself without my permission!
The Duke But I am the King!
Baciccia ...Yes…and I am the jack....!
The Duke But you do not see... you do not see that the pain renders me crazy...!
Baciccia What imports to me if you are mad....
The Duke Baciccia! but you are the great Baciccia of the Radiccia?
Baciccia No! I am Radiccia of the Baciccia
The Duke Dont joke... valiant Baciccia…help me… please give me one hand!
Baciccia No sorry... I need both my hands for scratching my nose...
The Duke Baciccia… listen to me…the perfidious witch has hit the beautiful Princess Lisetta, my daughter, with one malediction... help me Baciccia... my saver
Baciccia I am not Saver.... Saver is the hairdressing salon of Main street!
The Duke Go Baciccia... I trust in you… goodbye! I will wait for your returns as a winner at my Castle... and you will be rewarded.. thanks!
exits from the scene
Baciccia Children... have you seen that man…but he is really crazy... I am not interested about the disgraces of the princess... I don’t care…. What are you thinking about this story?

continue speaking off-hands
.the public convince Baciccia to save the princess and pressed by the continuos questions of Baciccia, explains the history of Malerba Witch and the Devil  that have locked up in one small monkey the secret of blindness of Lisetta

 Ok I will kill the bad monkey and I will beat the witch and the devil  but  with a pact... I will not go there alone…you children will come with me and you will help me... it is ok?

Barudda Ba...Ba...Baciccia.... where you going?

I go to take the stick
executes giving one beaten to Barudda
... and then me and you with all these children will leave for one great enterprise... save the Princess!..
They exit singing while the courtain slowly closes

Merlino Wizard it appears exiting from the closed sipario
Good children... you are really good children and with my aid you have convinced Baciccia, a man with a great gold heart, to leave for the bewitched forest where, close to an old Red Flour Mill, the little monkey is hidden... go... go... I will be always with you!

disappears with a lightning 

ACT 2 - Scene 1

Scene :  Wood with a Red Mill in front of the scene
Daylight with two green lamps on each side
Music before opening courtains
Devil  I am the devil landlord of this red flour mill… red like the flames of hell, and I am powerful... powerful... ah... ah... nobody could afford to fight with me… becouse everybody fear of me!
Baciccia appearing behind the scenes 
You say this!...
Devil But I have already heard this voice!... who are you?
Baciccia behind the scenes


This is the voice of Baciccia... I am sure…. Come on if you have a little piece of courage!  
The devil receives one beaten
This I know… it is the stick of Baciccia... bastard come in!


Hallo…I am here!
He hits the devil again
I have not fear of you.....where you have hidden the little wicked monkey?


The Devil fights with feints and receive several beatings and in the course of the fight he say...
Baciccia for virtue of all the devils and the she-devils of the hell you will be transformed in a salt statue...this his my order!
Baciccia immobilizes himself becoming one salt-statue
Ah! here is the great Baciccia... his eyes do not see anymore... his lips do not speak anymore.. his stick now is mine... ah! ah!
He takes the stick and tries to hit Baciccia that magically moves avoiding the beating (to be repeated 3 times) .


Finally Baciccia takes the control of the stick and hits the Devil repeatedly
Takes black snout... takes this … and this
the devil escapes loosing  the key of the Flour Mill
Baciccia Look what I have found... a key.....Barudda where are you?
Barudda Barudda enters with a wine bottle in hand
Ba.. Ba.. Baciccia who was that red man who was running away ?
Baciccia Stupid…don’t you have seen that it was the Devil?... look he has lost the key of the Red Flour mill...we must organize our search, so you remain here make the guard while I try to enter in the flour mill looking for the little monkey... but I recommend to you...eyes opened.. both eyes opened!
He exits with the key
Barudda Barudda leaves the wine bottle and exits chasing Baciccia
Ba... Ba... Baciccia... not to leave me... I have fear!
Malerba Witch Come in ... Falamocca my good friend… come in!
Falamocca Here I am my beloved Malerba, my friend of thousand crimes ... I have known that you have one assignment to give me
Malerba Witch Yes…I have seen Baciccia going around the forest, I am sure that he wants to find the monkey to kill her and save the princess... you must stop him... Assemble your briganti and give him a beautiful lesson and I will give you.. gold…gold in great quantity
Falamocca It will be done as you order…great  Queen of the Evils... considers Baciccia a dead man... ah..ah!
Exits laughing
Malerba Witch

But what I see? this is the wine bottle of that stupid Barudda... I will put a powder of sleeping pill in the wine in quantity to make him sleeping... and to you children.. I order you not to say a word!… understood? I order this in name of all the devils!
Mockery from public while the witch exits from the scene


Ahime…. How I am tired! I will drink a little of wine... what?
What are you saying children?

The children invite Barudda not to drink... but he insists and drinks the poisoned wine

Barudda Oh I am sleepy! my eyes are closed...
He falls sleeping while appears the little monkey that enters and exits from the scene smelling Barudda.

People say that going to the mill will get covered with  flour but in that mill there is only coal and red flames... it is really the flour mill of the Devil…. But Barudda what are you doing? Children what has happened to Barudda?
Children explain the reason for which he is sleeping and tell him that the monkey was there


Indeed you have seen the little monkey? and you have seen also the Witch.. then we make so…I will hide myself behind that tree and you, as soon as you see that beast, will call me and I will arrive immediately is all clear?
Baciccia hides himself - the monkey enters in scene stay a little and exits while the public call Baciccia. After he enters giving a beaten on the head of the sleeping Barudda

Baciccia I have taken It!  you have called me? The monkey has escaped… we try again!  Baciccia hides himself again
Baciccia Appears from backstage
Children…have you called me? ... No? Ok.... I go back...!
The monkey enters for two times and for two times Baciccia arrive later
Baciccia you calls me later… I don’t understand anything… so we do in a other way… we must find a secret password... as soon as the monkey will enter you must say …Marameo!... and I will arrive immediately...
He hides again
The little monkey enter in scene and Baciccia after an upset fight of beatings kills her
Oh..poor creature... now that is died the Princess Lisetta will be recovered... I am happy becouse they will give me a beautiful prize... may be one ice cream!
Now I take Barudda at home and then I will return to take the little monkey and go to the castle of the Gorgonzola Duke..
He exits with Barudda on the shoulders
Malerba  Witch For the horns of Belzebù... what I see?… the monkey is died... what a misfortune…the princess will be recovered!... Baciccia... you will pay for this!
Baciccia from backstage  Baciccia with the stick hits the Witch
Here… I paid... un million!
repeat the action
Here  …I paid... two million!
Malerba Witch Come in .. felon... head of wood... fight with me!
Baciccia I am here… ready to fight and with the aid of these children I will give you a great lesson which you will never forget  ….you will never do evil to nobody in this country...
They fight hardly and then the Witch escapes
Baciccia Victory..... Victory...! have you seen haw was escaping? it seemed a rabbit ... I think  that we will never seehere in the Vallescura Kingdom... Hip Hip hurrah!
Tommy He enters panted
Mister Baciccia....
salam ...
Baciccia Hello Tommy..... mortadella!
Tommy But sahib Baciccia… salam means hallo!
Baciccia Also bread and mortadella means hallo…and with a generous glass of wine it  resuscitate the dead men...
Tommy Don’t joke with me Mister Baciccia... I come from the castle for order of the Duke... the princess has again her beautiful eyes seeing ... and the Duke wants to reward you... follow me!
Baciccia But how is speaking this chocolate-man?

I say... don’t say what you say .. they say you say this…come with me!
exits from scene

Baciccia Children… do you think that I must go to the castle? I don’t want to go… the Duke of  Gorgonzola always wants I marry the princess... I do not want to marry... Ok … I decide to go home… I prefere to be a bachelor... By By… children we will see later at home!
  Close the courtains
Merlino Wizard  Appears through the closed sipario
Children... you with my protection and the participation of a good and honest man as Baciccia the good has prevailed on the evil... and the Devil and the Witch have been beaten. They are still escaping running fast like the wind... The stars knew this... Venere and Mars this evening will shine for the joy... and now I can return to my telescope in order to study other new  stars… See you !
  Disappears with a lightening

Great Final Scene

Scene : Interior house with a bed
Lateral scene presenting windows on external with trees
Music : Rosamunda polka


enters with the stick
Ahi…ahi ! how I am tired…. children it was just a beautiful battle... have you seen the devil and the Witch Malerba… they are still escaping! But I think that now it remain to give a lot of beatings to that  rascal and stupid  brigand Falamocca…he believed that I would not have been able to find the little monkey...  Indeed I have given so many beatings to everybody  that now I must put to sleep my poor stick..... Ok.. I go and I put it to sleep in the closet!
exits from the scene


enters in scene with one stick
That Baciccia is worst than a devil ... I am sure that is the house of Baciccia… yes… yes... I am sure… I must punish him… killing the monkey he make me stupid and I have lost a beautiful booty of gold coins... and I am not stupid…
 I must avenge myself … I will disguise as a ghost and as soon as he will come home to sleep I will scare him... and I will even give also a beautiful series of beatings on his big head of villain... ah..ah..! Baciccia mine revenge will be terrible.....

he exits


Poor me… poor Baciccia …how I am tired... I have done good thing not to go to the Castle I prefer stay at home and sleep… what you say children.... but tell me who has come here?...  The Brigand? No it cant be the true … let me check around
He make a speedy turn behind the scenes and watches under the bed
Have you seen? Nobody is there... I think you were dreaming... well… now I go to bed…  oh… one moment... the prayers..... ave..ave... bzzz... bzzz... amen and good night!
the light extinguishes and Baciccia jumps in the bed - wait for few moments – then open the light again
Children... I have thought that it is better that I take my stick... 

He executes and make another turn of control in the room and under the bed Ok…good nigh  and gold dreams !

extinguishes the light and jumps in the bed

Falamocca Crosses the scene dressed as a ghost with the stick
Uuuuh ! Uuuh..!
Howls from the pubblic
Baciccia What happens? You have scared me... whot?…you have seen a ghost ? But it is not true... everybody know that the ghosts do not exist... now let me sleep …be quiet! good night

he enters in scene and shakes the bed of Baciccia
Uuuuuh!.....UuuuuH! Baciccia…I am the ghost of the cheese…!

Baciccia ignites the light and illuminate the Ghost face….while Baciccia wake up
Cheese… come here that I put yuo in a sandwich with my stick!... stay in guard... fight as a true man
Falamocca He take off the ghost pointed hood 
Baciccia stay in guard!
Baciccia Stay in corporal
Falamocca sergent!
Baciccia At least… stay in general!
Falamocca At least... stay in major...

Ah.. stupid... we are going around all the army... take this... and this... 
and then peck also this!

They fight hardly with alternate phases and finally Baciccia takes also the stick of Falamocca and the beat sonorously him with the two sticks..

Baciccia Hurrah… now I am happy… I lacked to beat that ugly man... Oh..! what I see... watch children... I have made the multiplication of the sticks... now I have two sticks…. I stuck it seemed me to had thousands of sticks...
Tommy Sahib Baciccia salam!
Baciccia Sahib Tommy Mortadella!
Tommy  Mister Baciccia the Princess has decided to come in your house for thanking you ... are you ready to receive her?
Baciccia My God…the princess in my house... I must Take of the drawers from the chair... and also the stockfish in the bathtub... the socks... the socks...!… I must sweep the room…
He run around the room with a sweep and beats Tommy
Sweep here… in the angles…. In the center….sorry Tommy

Sorry but you seems to be crazy! Now I go to introduce the Princess Lisetta
exits from scene


Children… how seems to you this place... it seems to be clean ?…. Let me see the Princess
He looks out of the stage
Uh..! She is so beautiful!... how many trinkets…she seems to be christmas tree.! Let me see again... Oh…she has a crown…. Is dressed with a beautiful blu dress… beautiful she look like an angel….I like… I really like her….

Lisetta Cavalier Baciccia mine proud!
Baciccia Princess… I am your server Baciccia of the Radiccia
Lisetta Baciccia.. tell me a sweet word
Baciccia One sweet word... sugar!
Lisetta But Baciccia.... tell me a sweeter one...
Baciccia honey... honey with the sugar!
Lisetta Oh but are you always so playfull?

Oh.. I daren’t... I daren’t....! Princess please give me a kiss... 
he do that
and we greet with these children who have been with us with a beautifulst dance for the great end of the spectacle... music!

begin the notes of a valzer
and you children clap the hands...

Baciccia and the Princess makes a bow and begins to dance and after a moment  the courtains begins to close slowly with the music that goes vanishing

Merlino Wizard enters with the courtains closed
The story is ended... beloveds Children I can still say to you that the proud Baciccia will become a knight of Princess and Barudda his attendant and they will live all happy and in the new peace of the Reign of Vallescura... I do not know nothing to add to the story and therefore I say goodby and I go home….!
Disappears with a lightening
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