Zanca Alfredo Model's


This is my collection of paper models built with my hands, for ever under construction. Models are exposed in Calenzano Castle  near Florence Italy.

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Institutedefrance00.JPG (81108 byte) Institutedefrance01.JPG (90660 byte) Institutedefrance02.JPG (121343 byte) Institutedefrance03.JPG (97845 byte) Institutedefrance04.JPG (92544 byte) Institutedefrance05.JPG (91499 byte) Institutedefrance06.JPG (93595 byte) Institutedefrance07.JPG (117503 byte) Institutedefrance08.JPG (101276 byte) Institutedefrance09.JPG (118550 byte) Institutedefrance10.JPG (79763 byte) Institutedefrance11.JPG (106497 byte)