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 Alfredo Balducci was born in Leghorn, but from a long time he resides in Milan.

 Except few jumps in the narrative, his abundant production is entirely dedicated to the dramatic and satirical ironical theatre. He wrote very much works; approximately twenty have been performed (Piccolo Theatre of Milan, Theatre Stabile of Trieste, Theatre Sistina of Rome, and many others).

 He received nine awards for theatre (seven nationals, and two internationals: the "Pirandello Brecht project" New York, April 1997: the work was performed in New York, on November 1998, and the "Onassis – Distinction Prize 2006" of Athens). National awards: Riccione, Pirandello (Agrigento), Italian Drama Institute, Anticoli Corrado, Pozzale, Giuseppe Fava. The last in Italy was the Luigi Antonelli award, of autumn 1998.

 Many his dramas were translated into various foreign languages and performed abroad; also published by Serarcangeli Publisher and by greatest theatrical reviews.

 He collaborated with Italian State Radio and Television (R.A.I.), with Yugoslavian Radio, with Switzerland Television, with Telemontecarlo and with Greek Radio.

 The greatest italian theatrical contemporary critics have written about him (Jacobbi, De Monticelli, Possenti, Terron, De Chiara, Prosperi and others). A wide critical monograph was published by Roberto Rebora on "Italian review of dramaturgy".



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