Hilary Putnam

The Collapse of the Fact/Value Dichotomy



Introductor Remarks

Part I: The Rosenthal Lectures 2000

1. The Fact/Value Dichotomy; The Empiricist Background

A distinction is not a dichotomy: the analityc and the synthetic

The history of the fact/value dichotomy

The “fact” side of the dichotomy

The poverty of the Logical Positivist conception of language

2. The Entanglement of Fact and Value

Epistemic values are values too

The difference between epistemic and ethical values (and why its significance should not be misconstrued

“Thick” ethical concepts

Why are we tempted by the fact-value dichotomy?

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3. Fact and Value in the World of Amartya Sen

Sen, Adam Smith and “second phase” classical economics

Ethics and Economics

The capabilities approach

In conclusion: entanglement again

Part II: Rationality and Value

4. Sen's "Prescriptivist" Beginnings

5. On the Rationality of Preferences

6. Are Values Made or Discovered?

7. Values and Norms

8. The Philosophers of Science' Evasion of Values